Dracula Model Kit - To Be Remolded


This is a kit that needs to be remolded - if you are interested in buying this kit, your purchase will go towards purchasing silicone to mold him up again! I estimate I will need 650.00 to remold the model kits that need it. The caveat is this: if you choose to buy a kit that needs remolding, you will need to wait possibly up to 3 months to receive your kit. On the one hand, that's a long time, but on the other, you are helping an artist get his work back into the world. Please feel free to contact me through my contact form if you have any questions.

Now for the info! This is a 1/6 scale kit of my interpretation of Count Dracula as he appears in the novel, greeting Harker. The kit is about 13" tall, and comes with a very detailed gothic base (includes vampire bats!). The lantern comes with thin chain for hanging it from his hand.

You will receive an unbuilt, unpainted resin model kit, sculpted, molded, and cast by Randy Lambert. Resin castings are very clean, with minimal cleanup needed before building.

Again - this kit needs to be remolded, so it may be up to 3 months for shipping.